Fox says all of these points resonate with everyday Australians

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So I guess that technically putting you up a card, but it hard to pull together and lacks payoff. Dominance plus vision is bad because the payoff is nowhere near the setup cost, cause you only gain 1 card. So what I meant is "electrodominance plus spell" is an inherent 2 for 1, meaning the spell has to be game changingIt pretty good in a storm deck, as it is three spells in one card, and you can recur things like rituals or draw spells, so it can help you build up your storm count while drawing cards/generating mana, as well as possibly helping you to abuse the no casting cost cards that otherwise are dead draws (Ancestral Visions comes to mind, and of course you can abuse things like Living End, or recur a pact from the graveyard).

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