In the end all our ancestors of every nation/ethnicity/culture

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Kiplinger joined his family's firm in 1983 after a 13 year career as a newspaper reporter. He is the third generation of Kiplingers to preside over the company. Kiplinger covered economic policy for the Associated Press before leaving to found his own news service in 1920.

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Just 200 years ago racism was common as was killing and robbery. In the end all our ancestors of every nation/ethnicity/culture committed what we now consider atrocities. Does that mean we shouldn't respect our ancestors and thank them for what they did for us? No.If you know your history John A.

"Hillary Clinton put that 65 million cracks in that highest and hardest glass ceiling. She's inspired the world by her bravery and courage," Gillibrand said. "Secretary Clinton is still a role model for all of us." But despite her admiration for Clinton, Gillibrand said that she believes former President Bill Clinton should have resigned after the Monica Lewinsky scandal..

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