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31 Best 70th Birthday Gifts

Robot vacuum cleaners are great canada goose outlet for people with limited mobility. But the price is often a sticking point: On Amazon, the relatively cheap iRobot Roomba 675 goes for around $270, while the fancier 960 model sells for Canada Goose Outlet nearly $550.

The bObsweep model pictured above is a deal because for the price of an inexpensive iRobot, you get three functions sweeping, vacuuming and mopping! That the perfect 70th birthday gift idea for someone who deserves to stop worrying about all that nonsense.

And for that affordable canada goose uk shop price, you still getting top of the line features, such as UV sterilization, HEPA air filtration, super quiet operation, and a wireless remote. If you want to check out additional affordable models, you should browse our guide to the best robot vacuums under $200.

As they get older, the people we care about need more help with everyday tasks. This power recliner is well reviewed, and features a roomy design that comfy for everyone. This makes it perfect for any grandma or grandpa who is slowing down, and having a harder time pushing back a traditional recliner, which can canada goose store take some extra strength.

A wired controller makes it impossible to lose the remote, which is great for forgetful seniors. With the touch of a button, this chair fully or partially reclines as they desire. It also raises in the back to allow them easier standing when they ready to exit their new favorite chair. The faux leather upholstery looks makes this look like a classic recliner, just with a secret plus.

If they live in a more cramped space, this lift recliner is a wall hugger, meaning it can be scooted closer without worry of marring paint or sheetrock.

Diamonds are a wonderful gift for a woman who has reached the age of 70. Turning 70 is a big deal, and she deserves a nice gift to celebrate the occasion. This simple pendant features a diamond that weighs about a third of a carat, set in durable 14k gold. We also like this gift because it boasts a 30 day money back guarantee, plus the use of a complimentary repair service for 60 days. So if a clasp breaks or the diamond is loose in its setting, these issues can be dealt with at no additional cost to you.

Interested in more jewelry gift ideas? You should also check out our posts on the best amber jewelry and the best steampunk jewelry.

This smart lock is the perfect gift idea for someone who is older and tends to carry too much to the door and then fumble with their keys trying to get it unlocked. With this lock, it is customized to utilize their fingerprint and unlock the door within five seconds, minimizing the chance that someone could accost them before they get inside. It can also be programmed so they can use the simple touch pad to enter via code versus key.

This smart lock system is dustproof and weather resistant, so it great for use on the front door, and perfect for the door from the garage into the house. Another smart gift idea for someone in their 70s is the Ring WiFi enabled video doorbell that lets them see who is at the door, allowing them the choice to answer or not.

Keep in mind, you canada goose outlet shop might need to walk them through the set up on both of these smart devices.

Her 70th birthday is worthy of delivering the perfect little black dress, and this elegant designer dress from Badgley Mischka hits the right notes on so many fronts. First, it has 3/4 length sleeves, which older women really appreciate. The blouson top cleverly masks any bit of belly chub, and looks so flowing and canada goose outlet store pretty. The bateau neckline can be worn high, or slouched down to drape in front. The below the knee length is another key that older women love because most aren really thrilled about today shorter styles.

Pair it with a set of canada goose outlet online uk opera length pearls, faux or real, and invite your birthday lady out for a special evening she never forget.

As folks get older, we often worry about their security and safety. That what makes this home security system a great gift idea. It includes three wireless motion sensor cameras that can be placed in key locations outside the home. The beauty of this system is that canada goose outlet online the control is robust enough to let them expand to as many as ten cameras at once.

This system delivers live HD video to their home computer and can be viewed remotely from their smart phone with the Blink Home Monitor IOS and Android app. The weatherproof cameras can canada goose coats on sale use infrared night vision or the LED illumination from to see what happening at night as well.

Speaking of pearls, no woman should reach this milestone birthday without having a beautiful set of pearls. This opera length necklace and earrings are lovely 70th birthday gifts, and the fact that they the perfect shade of pink adds to the allure. The earrings feature 14k gold stud mounts and the necklace clasp is also 14k gold. These beauties measure at 7 8mm, and the necklace is hand knotted to ensure that not a pearl will be lost, even after years of wear.

Think she prefer white pearls? No problem, get them right here. You can always up the ante on this canada goose outlet toronto factory special birthday with a genuine White Japanese Akoya Saltwater Cultured Pearl Necklace. While the price may be substantially higher, this is an investment necklace that she pass down to future generations of the family.

Himalayan salt lamps are great birthday gift ideas for anyone on your list, but we think this one is so untraditional in it approach that the recipient will be thrilled. The large rectangle salt block is sourced from the Himalayan Mountains, and weighs in at an impressive 11.5 pounds. It sets on a minimalist wooden base that gives it a real Zen look and appeal that would look right in canada goose outlet canada anyone household, no matter their decor.

This lamp emits negative ions that naturally purify the air, trapping pollutants, allergens and dust. Plus it gives off such a beautiful glow, that it would be the perfect night light to keep in the bedroom. It comes with a built in dimmer, so they could set it just bright enough to avoid falls in the night, but not so bright that it keeps them awake. If you buying specifically for a woman 70th birthday, she might like the beautiful Hand Carved Rose Himalayan Salt Lamp instead.

Don think either of these is the right design? Browse for hundreds of Himalayan salt lamps here.

Who doesn love ice cream? In a time when eating is uk canada goose outlet all the rage, being able to make healthy ice cream with real ingredients is a must. Help your favorite 70 year old avoid weird additives like carrageenan and artificial sweeteners by giving them the tool they need to make canada goose outlet jackets real ice cream from scratch.

This user friendly ice canada goose outlet sale cream maker is easy enough for those with limited kitchen experience to operate. The ice cream maker creates two quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato or sorbet, and does it in canada goose outlet uk about 20 minutes. With this gift, they have the perfect accompaniment to their birthday cake.

If the price is a little higher Canada Goose Online than you can afford, you could consider this similar model from Cuisinart, which has a lower price point but the same capacity.

This unique spiral bracelet hides a secret message that is hard to read unless you hold the bracelet in your hand. The default message reads: always on my mind, in my thoughts in my heart. I love you. These bracelets are handmade to order, so you can select different leather band colors, or even different message text, to suit the taste of the person you are shopping for.

While this bracelet is designed for women, we think it looks gender neutral, and could also work for an older gentleman (especially if you select a different band color). This spiral is made using 18 gauge pure aluminum which has a brushed finish added to it. If you want something https://www.doloresnet.com specifically for an elderly lady, get this bracelet with a red leather band.

For lots of people, getting older means getting thinner, more dry and sensitive skin. One of the most gentle ways to get softer, smoother skin is to find lotions and hand creams formulated with goat milk. This set from Dionis makes a perfect birthday present for someone who wants silky smooth products that absorb quickly and never feel greasy.

This gift set includes a nice sized bottle of goat milk lotion, a super emollient hand cream, and a lip moisturizing balm. While these come in a spicy pumpkin scent, they not overwhelming, but if you looking for a canada goose outlet black friday cleaner canada goose coats scent for year round use, cheap canada goose we highly recommend the lotion and hand cream sets in vanilla bean or Blue Ridge wildflower scents.

Looking for more gentle goat milk canada goose black friday sale ideas? Check out our guides to the best goat milk lotions as well as the best goat milk soaps.

Men deserve every bit as much luxury as women, so for this milestone birthday, why not indulge your guy with this 100 percent pure cashmere sweater? It soft, cozy and super warm, in addition to being a great looking fashion piece. This sweater features a polo style mock neck that can be worn as a stand up collar or folded down and worn with a shirt underneath. It comes in eight colors, canada goose outlet and men sizes from Small to XX Large.


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