But instead of putting on a video for Leon

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So I'm kind of losing my shit today.

Crappy meeting with the headmaster of the school I'm now teaching at 4 days a week. Crappy first class partly because I was late on account of gripping about how they talk about Art Being Important but then schedule field trips during my class and partly because I was dumb this week and asked them what they wanted to do, thus encouraging them to think that Art is only about them having fun and cheap canada goose not a real class dumb, dumb, dumb. Then a crappy second class, because I was just pissed.

Got home and Leon was totally riled up at first he was happy to see me, but then deliberately dumped his cheerios all over his bedroom, probably in protest over me being at work so much. He proceeded to dump out all my art supplies, draw on the walls, refuse to nap, and tear up a library book. Now it's 5:45, I need to take a submission to the library for their next art show, and I only have managed to get canada goose coats on sale Leon half dressed. And still no nap. He may fall asleep in canada goose outlet store the car, but at this point I goose outlet canada don't even know canada goose outlet shop if I want him to I'd almost rather just have him go to bed early.

And I just heard Leon having a conversation between his trains, very much like the angry one I had with him earlier after canada goose outlet jackets I discovered the ripped up library book.

So I'd just like to go to bed now and start over tomorrow.

25 January 2007, 4:47 pm

Adult themes and best friends

Am I the only person who wants to know whether Bob The Builder and his pal/coworker Wendy are ever going to hook up? Am I just reading too much into the situation? And why do I find their relationship more believable than the one between Scarlett Johansen Canada Goose Coats On Sale and that cute actor in Match Point? I have lost all perspective, living with a toddler.

Who yesterday said to me, "I want to go to the bookstore canada goose with my best friend." I asked, "Who's your best friend?" And he replied, "Mommy!" Kiddo, you are so damn cute.

23 January Canada Goose Online 2007, 2:17 pm

I have a potentially really big official canada goose outlet interview tomorrow, and I can barely focus on anything else, like doing the laundry I'm out of underwear or picking up Canada Goose Parka the house since Leon's sitter is coming tonight. I feel like I'm canada goose outlet uk sale mentally hyperventilating. Dear god, what am I going to wear???

More after the fact.

21 January 2007, 12:16 am

Leon and I had a lot of fun tonight, much to my surprise. I came home exhausted from a long and understaffed day at work, as canada goose factory outlet well as biking in 30 mph winds. But instead of putting on a video for Leon, so that I could just tune out while his attention was diverted (something I've been known to do.), we lay on the couch together canada goose uk black friday and read stories and talked. Then I took him in the shower, after which we made a mess with the crayons and a bunch of glass beads he delighted in pouring the beads out on the rug and watching them bounce everywhere. Then I made a game of picking everything up (much cooler if you put ripped up paper in the dump truck, then dump it in the trash). And we ended up gluing most of the beads to the inside of a wooden box a very cool craft project if you use red galaxy glitter glue. And drove race cars for a while. Then I made a game of picking up his room (I'm trying to teach Leon that a great way to find something you're missing is to pick up and organize your stuff), and when we were done he was missing a triangle that goes in his floor mat number puzzle. So then we used the huge maglite flashlight (the kind you could potentially use as a weapon in the case of a zombie uprising), to look on and under everything in the room. No triangle, but that did evolve canada goose store into a cool game of turning off his bedroom light and shining the flashlight on everything, and mama trying to catch the light, and looking through our fingers and his blanket. I have no idea where all this energy of mine came from, since I'm particularly sleep deprived at the moment. But I have been recently thinking about the canada goose outlet online uk fact canada goose outlet toronto factory that cheap canada goose often, during the times when I'm exhausted from work and I let him watch a video, what he really canada goose outlet needs is my attention because we've been apart all day. And if I don't focus on him, he acts out, and I can't cope because I'm too tired. But if I forgo the video and instead focus my attention on Leon, then we really connect, and things go a lot better. This seems rather obvious, but it can be hard to see when I'm in that wiped out place.

I also added one more Arthur DVD today. They now take up one and a half shelves in the Youth Services video area.

19 January 2007, 3:11 pm

Work, and Arthur the animated Aardvark

Holy guacamole. I checked in 51 new Arthur DVDs for the library today. 51, each a different title! Who even knew https://www.fcvfrankfurt.de there was so much Arthur out there?

And one Angelina Balerina.

17 January 2007, 6:09 pmI hate filling out state and county job application forms. Gah.

I found a local community canada goose outlet reviews college that's looking for adjunct art instructors. Honestly, I don't expect to even get an interview, because I never get interviews for anything but library gigs. But I'm still optimistic, because I do actually have a whole year of teaching college under my proverbial belt now. So that should make me at least worth a second canadian goose jacket glance, right? Maybe.

It's so hard to sanely tread that line between believing in myself enough to write a good cover letter, and not envisioning myself doing the job so thoroughly that I'm totally devestated when I don't even get an interview.


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