She still be p/b in high elo since the problems with Kayle

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I work with a 70 something year old guy at work, he forgets shit all the time. Now imagine having to remember all of America priorities, all of the conflicts of the world and how it affects America priorities, on top of disavowing all of your national intelligence as being inferior to your Puppet Master Putin, sprinkle in a little hatred of reading anything written by someone smarter than you. I worked in a lab where the PI (primary investigator prof in charge) was in his mid 90s and still sharp as a tack.

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uk canada goose outlet Also Kayle nerfs won drop her winrate. She still be p/b in high elo since the problems with Kayle still remains. AS nerfs even though most overcap and AP build only relies on E auto reset, Armor nerfs (when most kayles already go x2 armor runes), and lower AD that only affects TF build lol Just out of curioustity when Kayle procs Klepto with E is it melee RNG or ranged, because there a huge difference between the two. uk canada goose outlet

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