If the Imams ever came to power we would be facing an enemy

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Here the problem. There is no magic wand, no surgical knife that can cut out just that. You are giving the government the green light to extort or coerce private companies to censor the internet. I'm sure you've seen many references to the non economic negative consequences. It's much easier to enumerate and provide predictions and data for the country's success using figures rather than feelings. Personally I feel very strongly about the benefits of international, cross cultural cooperation that is massively more efficient with standardised regulations.

canada goose coats Tencent stuff is pure fear mongering. While Tencent might have close ties with the government, American companies are not just handing out data to them willy nilly. Tencent involvement is mostly on the financial side. But the idea that we should just give up? That ridiculous. The royal family being our allies is literally one of the most valuable alliances imaginable. If the Imams ever came to power we would be facing an enemy which makes north korea and iran combined look like a pipsqueak.. canada goose coats

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