Green or the original validation source have thus far been

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Did a Piece of Mir Really Land in Massachusetts

We love a good space debris mystery. Hey, who Canada Goose Parka doesn't, right? Regular readers of Universe cheap canada goose Today know that it's a shooting gallery out there, from meteor fireballs caught on dashboard cams to rogue space junk reentrieslighting up our skies.

But an unusual story that made its rounds across the internet this past weekend canada goose clearance caught our attention. What at first glance was a simple "Man finds space rock" story morphed into an extraordinary claim, which, in the words of the late great Carl Sagan, "demand extraordinary evidence."

The find was made by Phil Green of Canada Goose online Amesbury, Massachusetts. Mr. Green was searching the local riverbed Canada Goose Online for arrowheads when he came across the unusual find. The black pitted canada goose outlet shop rock immediately struck him as something bizarre. It didn't register as metallic to his metal detector, but Mr. Green kept it in his backyard for about five years until it was noticed by a friend.

"I didn't canada goose outlet really think much of it, and then a fellow canada goose outlet toronto factory came over, saw it and canada goose outlet online said that's a meteor," Green told local reporters.

From here, the story takes a strange turn. Green told local reporters that canada goose outlet sale the rock was sent off for analysis, canada goose black friday sale only to be returned to him just a few weeks ago. The analysis confirmed that the rock was indeed from space sort of. It also stated that the vitreous material "shows a composition similar to canada goose uk black friday that used in ballast by the Soviet space program starting in the mid 1980s."

And the word was out. The media quickly ran with the "Man finds a piece of Mir" story.

There are just a few problems canada goose outlet reviews with the tale. Mir reentered in 2001, six years before the 2007. A few articles do bother to note this, mentioning that Mir ended its career in the "so called spacecraft goose outlet canada cemetery of the canada goose jacket outlet southern Pacific Ocean," about as far away from Massachusetts as you can get.

A few articles do also mention the possibility of a reentry of a Progress resupply vehicle being a potential source, or perhaps an unrelated Russian space canada goose outlet vehicle.

But there seems to be a potential problem of the certification. Several articles state that the piece of debris coming from Mir was "confirmed by NASA." However, Universe Today canada goose coats on sale contacted NASA Chief Scientist for Orbital Debris Nicholas L. Johnson and NASA Headquarters official Joshua Buck, who both told us that no such NASA validation exists. Mr. Mr. Green or the original validation source have thus far been unavailable for comment.

We did uncover two documented reentries that occurred over the general region over the last few decades. One is the reentry of Mir R 1986 017B (The rocket booster that launched the core module of Mir) seen canada goose black friday sale from a uk canada goose trans canada goose outlet jackets Atlantic airliner on February 24th 1986 about 500 kilometres off of the east coast of Newfoundland. Another possible suspect is the June 26/27th 2004 reentryof a SL 12 auxiliary rocket motor with the NORAD ID 1992 088E, seen to the west from New Jersey to Ontario.

Like the International Space Station, Mirwas placed in a 51.6 inclined orbit. Space Shuttle. Payloads going to and from the station would cover an identical ground track ranging from 51.6 north to south latitude.

The story is also reminiscent of the reentry of debris from Sputnik 4, which struck a small town in Wisconsin in 1962. This was analyzed by mineralogist Ursula Marvin and confirmed to be of Russian origin.

A Progress spacecraft inbound for docking with the International Space canada goose outlet black friday Station. The pitting and the melted fusion crust are all reminiscent of reentry. We'll keep researching this story, and for the time being we'll leave it up to you, the diligent and insightful readers of Universe Today, to make up your own minds on this strange and interesting tale. found.


It would be wonderful to find out exactly what this is, where it came from, and why 2 people from massachusetts have the same exact strange so called space junk rock.


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