The coach was just a dumbass who thought that was motivation

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I ask people why they think what they think and they don't have a response. This is why I think people don't think for themselves. America has so much satire and criticism on our president, now more than ever. A "Retail Purge" will be carried out from 9:00am to 9:00pm. For one day, employees will be able to do and say anything they want to customers or management without consequences as long as they're on company grounds. The funny thing about it was, I quickly found getting written up meant absolutely nothing, I was written up 50+ times in my 3 years there before ultimately getting fired for being robbed at gunpoint with 30$ more than I should have had in the register (80$ btw, it was third shift, I wont rant about how insane that is atm though).

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canada goose black friday sale But the point is, you have no idea how much fun the other team is having, plus you are admitting at that point that you are having fun winning, or at the very least beating them without as much challenge as you should. If I had to quit every game as much as a surrender vote came up from one of my teammates put one up I literally would be having no fun. I would stop playing entirely, and in fact have gone on hiatus from this game many times from the fact that it comes up in every single match over the course of several hours of play, and my WR is actually about 52% regardless canada goose black friday sale.


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