Sorry but you guys had a tutor take an entire fucking class

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BANGKOK A man in Thailand upset with his wife hanged their 11 month old daughter on Facebook Live and then killed himself, police said Tuesday. Police Col. Jirasak Siemsak said officers found the bodies of 20 year old Wuttisan Wongtalay and the baby in an abandoned hotel in Phuket province after receiving reports of the video.

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canada goose factory sale It not BS. Sorry but you guys had a tutor take an entire fucking class for one student and the tutor was cheating for 12 students across multiple sports.I cheer for players to get paid, but cheating on their academics is a slap in the face to every student who has to maintain standards to play, and every student legitimately going to that school.Edit: For clarity UNC should have been punished incredibly severely for what they did. They should have been punished worse than Mizzou. canada goose factory sale

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Canada Goose online I rarely go out, and i been staying at home to be able to bank 90% of my paycheck towards equipment.I know many of you will go "living like a peasant to have a chance at capitalist gains" but that is the point of capitalism and why capital in many ways for the start is very risky and tough. I could have enjoyed a reasonable life with the wage I could earn, but I want more so i putting in the work to achieve my goals.I won deny that there are some issues with globalization and the concentration of wealth, that much is obvious, but i think with some regulation capitalism can be reigned in, and get back to where there was a thriving middle class. We are already seeing the economyscorching under Trump (love him or hate him) and I think we need to address the issue of capital gains.I know many friends as well who have blue collar skills and run a very profitable small business, or own property that they significantly renovated (read:not just new paint, serious work) and now rent out (also a capitalistic endevor).I just think that too many people look at major manufacturers and go "wheres you 1000 person factory peasant" yet the people they say that too might be running a very profitable and rewarding small business which makes up the majority of businesses Canada Goose online.


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