The postponement means Britain is now preparing to participate

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Exact dates are fuzzy, because the restorers from this source say they won't really know what they're dealing with until they start ripping things apart.Those who love the building all reach for the same metaphor: They describe Westminster as a living entity, which has reached a ripe old age and desperately needs a lifesaving operation.Or else.The Washington Post wrangled an invitation to tour the guts of Westminster guided by Tom Healey, director of the restoration and renewal program, and Robert Stewart, lead engineer for thesame.Our journey began when we stepped into an aging retrofitted elevator the size of an upright coffin to descend to the Dickensian depths."Watch your heads!" Healey called upon entering the dank catacombs. Here, even a short man walks the claustrophobic corridors bent over."Best not to touch that," Stewart advised as we reached toward a dodgy coil of cable, as thick as a gorilla's arm. Maintenance workers carrying bags of tools and balancing cups of tea passed by, muttering,"pardon, pardon."Floors above our heads, in the spectacular legislative halls, central lobby, gardens and grand rooms, Westminster is a dusty jewel, a stage set.

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