Having “given up on changing the world

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best replica designer bags Not the op, but I do think I feel somewhat similarly? For me, I have no problem with people adopting a fashion from a subculture, but sometimes I feel a little weird about them also using the subculture name to describe it. Like, I know some people who describe their fashion sense as stuff like "metalhead chic" or "punk rock", and while I think their style is super cute and they look great, it just feels weird for people to use a genre of music they don actually listen to as a way to describe their fashion sense. I know it not logical, but as someone who was ostracized/bullied for participating in those subcultures in the past, it feels a little uncomfortable to see the same people who made fun of me in middle school for liking something use that something as a way to describe themselves when they don actually care about the actual subculture.. best replica designer bags

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