25 points submitted 28 days agoI was in one of the level 70

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replica hermes belt uk More ticket sales, better tv deals and more sponsors. Last season was great for Calcio overall besides our shit start that sent me into depression and Lazio shitting the bed. Hopefully our sales go through and we get 2 or 3 big players. 25 points submitted 28 days agoI was in one of the level 70 dungeons (I think Ala Mhigo) with two ranged/caster dps (don remember what they were now) who stood at opposite ends of the arena as well as away from the tank. hermes belt replica uk One of them would always be outside max range of my heals even when I stood in the exact centre of their ridiculous triangle.I had to tell them that if hermes birkin replica australia they wouldn stand closer then I wouldn heal them.And then I had a selfish monk in Weeping City during Ozma who refused to move their meteor to the back, thus forcing seven other people to break their uptime to move away from THEM when the ground marker began flashing.Copoutname 18 points submitted 28 days agotwo ranged/caster dps (don remember what they were now) who stood at opposite ends of the arena as well as away from the tank.You make this sound like it not the standard with 1+ ranged DPS. I say 70 80% of my runs with ranged DPS they pick almost the maximally distant points in boss arenas seemingly on purpose.That and both melee DPS standing next to the tank(me this time) while the boss/adds do large un markered cones constantly, forcing the healer to constantly burn heals.I always refer to healing as herding cats. replica hermes belt uk

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Hermes Bags Replica Some people took up the only two power racks for an hour and a half. It was fun walking my squat out half a mile to clear the sides of the other rack. And some guy made fun of me for wearing squat shoes to bench. Heroclip is something I use all the time. I absolutely hate putting my bag and stuff on nasty ground and this solves that problem and more. Bathroom stalls without hooks, tables without extra chairs to put my bag on, questionable bedroom floor, no problem! Heroclip to the rescue, LOL! I have tried linen towels before but I keep coming back to microfiber due to packability. Hermes Bags Replica

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