“The ancient Hawaiians were fit

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1) First things first, as the bare minimum you need to separate things into 2 piles. You can slice this any way you like as long as the whites are separated from the darker, deep colours (red, purple, brown), unless you want to be stupid and have colours bleed and stain your innocent white undershirts into a rainbow sherbet (seriously, don't do this you'll end up ruining a perfectly good shirt). Sometimes you can get away with having greys in either sides, you be the judge..

When you're under the influence of crystal meth you will say and do crazy things. You will begin to 'Believe or Have Faith in' situations and scenarios around you, and in fact, you are believing in it so much that things and events come to pass just as you "foreseen". People often believe that they have psychic abilities or divine foresight while using crystal meth.

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