For very under power machines Lubuntu will get even

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Barnes has great size for a small forward, coupled with his seven foot wingspan. His long arms and sky high release equate for a nearly unguardable mid range jumper, which should make for a reliable move in transition (a la Kevin Durant), thanks to Barnes' elite speed. His faults are glaring (lacks playmaking ability as a ball handler and passer), but Barnes should serve as a potent wing player with Stephen Curry dishing out the love..

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9th October 2016Fact: Emily Blunt and Tom Hanks are the latest stars to be announced as upcoming Saturday Night Live hosts. The Girl on the Train actress will make her hosting debut on the late night show on 15 October (16), alongside musical guest Bruno Mars. Meanwhile, Hanks will return to host Saturday Night Live on 22 October, with Lady Gaga, 10 years after he last fronted the comedy show..

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