The Parkersburg South graduate has nearly completed

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Former Parkersburg South Patriot Adeena Shears, who had her senior golf season cut short at Ohio State University, poses for a picture last May at Lakeview Course in Morgantown after recording an albatross on the par 5, fifth hole.The Parkersburg South graduate has nearly completed her degree in human development and family sciences with a minor in childhood education. She will pursue her master in early childhood education starting this summer.Not long ago, Shears was doing a little fishing with her mother at the family pond in Wirt had caught a fish and she wanted me to get the net and try to get the fish, admitted the Women Golf Coaches Association All American Scholar. Phone was in my hoodie pocket and I was trying to get the fish in the net and the fish jumps and jumps into the net and it jarred me a little and my phone dropped out of my pocket into the water.particular day the water was way too cold.

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