It felt good just to drop that weight

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Anish John, systems manager, MCEPL, said, are collecting a double penalty since December when the FASTag system was started at the Kherki Daula toll plaza. This time MoRTH has made it mandatory for the toll officials to collect double the penalty from even those who have a FASTag, but a faulty one. This eventually wastes a lot of time for the drivers of vehicles standing in the queue and increases their waiting time..

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Kyle James Olson Gilbert, 24, and Kirstina Claire Hochsprung, 27, have each been charged with a second Class C felony child neglect charge in district court in Minot. Their 2 year old son was found wandering unattended on Tuesday, the second time in a month. The boy had also been the subject of a massive search on April 25 after he got out of the house and went wandering.

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