The number is an undercount, because some states did

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"Love Rivals" is an homage to pulp romance comic covers from the 60s 80s. Signed and numbered by the artist, the ninth artwork in this collaboration celebrates the love and rivalvry of Toronto and Montreal.To commemorate the February 15, 2020, game against the Dallas Stars, Ryan Labrosse, a Montr artist, offers a creation inspired by the last match played at the historic Montreal Forum."FANTOME DU FORUM" is an homage to the historic Montreal Forum, often called the most storied building in hockey history. As such, this print honors the 'ghosts' of some of the greatest players within the Montreal Canadiens hockey team.

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cheap jerseys The government encourages nursing homes to provide the data from before May 6, but does not mandate it. The limitations of the data collection effort were first reported by the Wall Street Journal."I think that is outrageous," said Charlene Harrington, nursing professor emerita from the University of California San Francisco, who said the administration was aiding the nursing home industry by "helping them cover up the death rates.""Not only do the high death rates look bad for the nursing home industry," she said, "but also for the administration."In the absence of any federal tracking effort of deaths and outbreaks in nursing homes, numerous media outlets, including NBC News, have tracked the deaths using data provided by individual states. The most recent computation by NBC News found that as of May 11 at least 27,000 older Americans who were residents of long term care facilities had died.The number is an undercount, because some states did not report cheap nfl jerseys death data. cheap jerseys

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