Martin’s brother, Mathieu, is also a victim of the

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John W Henry's first match as Liverpool owner came at Goodison Park, with the American in the crowd. Roy Hodgson rather strangely claimed it was as well as Liverpool played under him. Perhaps his days were numbered once his new employers had been exposed to the mediocrity of the football and the problems of the rhetoric.

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"I saw gynecologists, family physicians, gastroenterologists, naturopaths," says Seppi, now a 36 year old social worker for an Atlanta nonprofit. "None of them could figure out what was wrong. The GI doctors told me I probably had irritable bowel syndrome.

Four of the five seats on the Portland City Council were contested in Tuesday's election. Carmen Rubio was elected to the seat currently held by Commissioner Amanda Fritz, who opted not to run for reelection after three terms. Loretta Smith and Dan Ryan advanced to an Aug.

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