Gio Reyna (17 years old)You notice how Christian

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But center Waverly Austin turned it on around halftime and finished with 16 points, 12 rebounds and a pair of blocks. Joseph Young led the Ducks in scoring, with 21. Jason Calliste had a couple of three pointers of his own, finishing with 8, and post players Elgin Cook and Richard Amardi both finished with 6..

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cheap jerseys He is the nemesis to my mother plans for a garden. We have a Havahart trap but none of us know how to use it (that was always Dad job). Sometimes I see it in the middle of the backyard, laughing at us. Ranked by Rivals as the No. 1 high school player in the country regardless of class, the outlet calls Bates one of the five best players it has seen at his stage of development in its 20 year history.And it's not hard to see why.The biggest question remaining about Bates is whether we'll get to see the kid play in college before he inevitably hears his name called by Adam Silver.Gio Reyna (17 years old)You notice how Christian Pulisic made the 25 under 25 thanks to his status as the future of the USMNT after a career at Borussia Dortmund? Well, get ready for the sequel.At only 17 years old, Reyna has already made his debut in the Bundesliga and on his way to fulfilling the legacy of his father, former USMNT captain Claudio Reyna. He's got some pretty good young teammates too at Dortmund with 19 year old Erling Haaland and 20 year old Jadon Sancho cheap jerseys.


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