It was a privilege to have coached him

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The Jaguars' DC was the interim head coach at the end of last season following the firing of Jack Del Rio. The Jags seriously considered keeping him in the head coaching role this season, but ultimately went with Mike Mularkey instead. He had a chance to move on and take the defensive coordinator job in Minnesota this season but got a nice offer from Jacksonville and decided to stay.

The big question, should Larry Centers get into the Hall of Fame? Yes, but is he the best fullback candidate out there right now? No. 800+ career receptions, pretty much every receiving record for a fullback, good blocking skills that developed over time, almost 9,000 career yards from scrimmage, 3 pro bowls and a Super Bowl ring, all very impressive, but John L. Williams had better overall stats in far fewer seasons, has been waiting longer, embodied the complete fullback role more thoroughly, and was a more explosive athlete..

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