With the exception of fixing a flat tire on a bike a

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But hold your horses, there is one site any motorcyclist worth his chaps must make before heading east. The Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport pays tribute to American aviation pioneer Glenn Hammond Curtiss, who was born here. This large museum has many artifacts from his storied career (he held Pilot's License 1 and was a contemporary and often a rival of the Wright Brothers).

In Education from St. In Youth Development from the University of Minnesota. I have intensive international and domestic experiences working with youth in a variety of cultures and communities; and lived and worked in Southern Europe with youth survivors of war.

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Football Club Letters Draw The letters drawn were L S Z. As there was no winner the prize total next week will be Community and sports club Join members on Sunday, September 30 for the monthly quiz at 8pm. Dates for your diary also include bingo nights on September 29, October 27 (previously 20th), November 10, December 1 and December 22..

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