Many people don notice this immediately because the

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Alex Close, Kansas City Royals, 26th Round, No. 789: Drafted out of Liberty in each of the past two years by the Royals, Close prepped at Spain Park High School. Primarily a first baseman as well as a pitcher in college, Close has played five games at first, four at catcher and three at designated hitter to open his pro career with Kansas City team in the Rookie level Arizona League..

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In a poll conducted last month, Bleacher Report found that 19 of 21 players surveyed were against the jerseys. "I think our sport is tough to have stuff on your shooting arm with shooting being so key," an unnamed center said. Speedskating team wondered if its incredibly poor showing was due to its new Under Armour suits.

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When you want to ride in style, there's no better way to do it than to be chauffeured around in a private limousine. Perfect for weddings, proms, cheap nfl jerseys and bachelor(ette) parties, a nice limo will insure you enjoy even the drive to and from your destination. Of course, you don't need to limit yourself to a few rare events to rent one of these beautiful cars there are plenty of other reasons to relish the luxurious trip they provide.

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