That doesn’t mean Black voters will cast a ballot

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Avoid chasing him and acting foolishly, though. Being pursued unwillingly is the fastest way to send him running in the opposite direction, and that's a common mistake that girls make. Avoid that at all costs. That doesn't mean Black voters will cast a ballot for Trump. But he doesn't just want our votes. He has a responsibility at the top of the ticket to think down ballot.

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A, We certainly think we'll continue doing our virtual tastings the response and engagement from those have been strong enough that they will remain a part of our consumer relations strategy. We also think that this pandemic has helped us realize that in reality, a lot of our business meetings that would typically require travel can be executed perfectly fine through teleconferencing. Especially when you consider the environmental impact of traveling, we anticipate that moving forward, a lot more of our business operations will take place on Zoom.


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