Trey Cochran Gill, pitcher, Tallassee High, Auburn:

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His 2015 season hasn started yet.John Michael Knighton, pitcher, Walker High, Central Alabama: Drafted in the 17th round by the Chicago Cubs, the right hander got into five games and pitched eight innings for the Cubs club in the Rookie level Arizona League in 2014. He hasn started his 2015 season yet.Trey Cochran Gill, pitcher, Tallassee High, Auburn: Drafted in the 17th round by the Seattle Mariners, the right hander gave up one earned run in his entire first pro season. In 25 relief appearances 18 for the Pulaski Mariners of the Rookie level Appalachian League and seven for the Everett AquaSox of the Low A Northwest League Cochran Gill had a 5 0 record, 12 saves and an 0.25 ERA.

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