Although Foster is averaging only 4

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4. Entrepreneurs or Owners: 13% of bloggers in the blogosphere are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are actually people who own the company which they promote by writing blogs. In addition, he has 22 receptions, only five RBs have more, for 143 yards.This week, Murray and the Cowboys face the Redskins on Sunday Night Football.Facing a less explosive offense this week, the Cowboys should run the ball more often and Murray has a matchup to exploit. No team has allowed more fantasy points to opposing running backs than Washington.Foster and then more Foster and a little bit of TateIn the first three games this season, Texans running back had 57 touches. In the past two games, he has had 58 touches.Although Foster is averaging only 4.0 yards per carry this season, he has had some tough matchups recently against the Ravens, Seahawks and 49ers.Earlier this season, coach talked about how he wanted more balance between Foster and, but Tate, who is averaging 6.2 YPC, has yet to have double digit carries in any game this season.

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