This is likely to make many businesses in the sector

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Preseason skinny: Lambert, a four star recruit, is rated the No. 4 player in Virginia by 247Sports and ESPN, and No. 5 by Rivals. The highest point in Stuttgart, it allows a somber view of the city, with a plaque that translates as the rubble serving as ' a memorial to the victims and a reminder to the living.'If you want to get out in nature, Max Eyth See is ideal for a relaxing day, or trip out onto the lake. A former quarry, it is now an official nature reserve, and has paths, a park, and row, pedal, or electric boat hire.A landmark of Stuttgart, The Killesberg tower was originally planned for the 1993 World Horticultural exhibition, but was only erected in 2001. 40.4m high, it provides the perfect opportunity for both day and night time landscape photography.Top sees for a feeHoused in an old abattoir, the Pig Museum is a must see for those who enjoy an oddity.

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