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Invest in a sump pump if you live in flood prone areas. Shut off electricity wholesale jerseys from china if flooding is imminent until an electrician gives approval or your property has been inspected by a certified restoration contractor, to ensure you don't risk further damages or the potential for another disaster. Place all valuables in waterproof totes or boxes.

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cheap nfl jerseys Parishioners wear face masks as they attend an in person Mass at Christ the King Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas, on May 19, 2020.Three pastors explained to why they're fighting to open up."I'm not afraid to get COVID 19 when I go to Home Depot and neither should anyone be afraid when they come to church," one pastor, Diego Mesa, put it.Visit 's homepage for more stories.Diego Mesa was driving in Southern California on Thursday evening when he passed shops selling donuts, clothes, and cannabis.It boggles his mind that these businesses were marked as essential and permitted to reopen on May 8, as Gov. Gavin Newsom's reopening plan moved into its second stage. Churches, however, were shelved until the plan's third phase lumped in with personal care, exercise, and entertainment facilities."Our ideals differ in what we view as essential," Mesa told cheap nfl jerseys.


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