Comedian John Oliver even hilariously slammed the

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wholesale nfl jerseys White announced that they will host another event on May 30 at their Apex Facility in Las Vegas, though it has yet to be approved by the state."Fight Island" was first introduced as an idea when White was tirelessly attempting to move forward with UFC 249 in April while ignoring the advice of public health officials who didn't want him to hold the fight during the pandemic. Comedian John Oliver even hilariously slammed the idea on "Last Week Tonight" last week."You know what's hilarious about you asking me that question right now: Literally this morning when I was driving to work, I was talking to [Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel] and Ari goes, 'How many people a day ask you where wholesale jerseys Fight Island is?' " White said. "I guess people are blowing him up, asking where 'Fight Island' is."UFC president Dana White is planning to live on "Fight Island" for a full month this summer. wholesale nfl jerseys

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