It the hardest thing I ever done

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Our team is beyond excited and I know the girls are going to carry the memories created on the trip with them for the rest of their lives. We are so appreciative of all the support our team has received through work opportunities and donations. Without people assisting us in the fundraising campaign, this trip would not be possible.

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Really like the colors, infielder Brian Barden said. Fans love these uniforms and so do I even if they do kind of glow. For the home team, it was a missed scoring chance in the first inning that would prove glaring. Le saviez vous? L'actuel champion du monde de Scrabble est un Qubcois. Mieux, il n'a que 28ans. FrancisDesjardins a dcouvert le Scrabble l'ge de 13ans et depuis, il collectionne les honneurs: six fois champion qubcois, il a aussi remport le titre de champion du monde de Scrabble duplicate (en 2011) et de Scrabble classique ( l't2019).

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