There are also miles of beaches to the east of the

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"We're over 250 acres. If you can't spread 70 people out over 250 acres, you're in trouble," said Jimmy Hanlin, the Fox Sports and SportsTime Ohio personality who has a stake in Little Mountain Country Club and StoneWater Golf Club. "So in reality, it might be the safest sport you can play in all this.

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Introducing our new Go Anywhere facemask launching early June with a triple layer protective construction and the double duty of keeping you safe while supporting the frontline. With 100% of mask profits donated to COVID relief efforts, you'll help us help others. Plus you'll have peace of mind leaving the house feeling like you can go anywhere safely.

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Is the group going to replicate the telecom model in digital space covering retail, education, marketplace suddenly in a big way.Looking at the turn of events, the chances of this happening are very high. Amazon and Alibaba may feel the heat of legitimate competition, soon. Their alleged illegal activities of deep discounting through maze of companies is hurting the businesses of small traders.

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The patriotic holidays are among my favorite throughout the year, just a great excuse to get together with family over an easy feast. You can't have the extended family together this Memorial Day weekend but you can still have the feast. The Italiano features antipasto, garlic bread, chicken Balsamico, shrimp scampi over rice, penne ala vodka, steak pizziaola and cannoli.

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