Straps are also made of leather and other high end

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Best of all is how the extra long plot avoids the usual structure, maintaining a more personal approach that's edgy and resonant. This means that most of the battles have an emotional angle to them, while the story is more linear, inexorably moving forward to the next showdown. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo struggle to keep the action coherent (especially when it's blurred by 3D) or thrilling (because they surely won't kill anyone off), but there are exhilarating moments in each fight set piece.

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I was going up to home plate and I saw a fastball in tight, I knew that what was coming so I just waited on it and made good contact, DeOleo said of his double to center field. I got on base, I knew I was going to score some way. Did just that when Auburn reliever Trey Turner threw a pair of pitches to the backstop.

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