And so is your assumption that African Americans are

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The film explores her childhood in Swat Valley, northern Pakistan, where she was named by her father Ziauddin after a 19th century Afghan heroine who led the Pashtun fighters against British interlopers and was shot in the process. As a school teacher, Ziauddin instilled in Malala a love of education, so when the Taliban began to close schools to girls, she began speaking out, first anonymously in a blog and then bravely expressing herself in public amid threats of violence. And the Taliban responded by trying to kill her.

wholesale nfl jerseys from china Your assumption that I must be black in order to notice the absence of people of color is a racist one (funny, though, you not the first person to assume that, so I must be doing something right). And your assumption that only blacks would agree with the Fox News Tea Party goals is racist. And so is your assumption that African Americans are all on welfare. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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