There is a reason why “life” comes first

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You lose a player, like Kreids, you going to notice it, Rangers center Mika Zibanejad said. You going to notice when he comes back. Kreider and Zibanejad enter on hot streaks of late. Once big league clubs have played 100 games, we know the six or seven that might win the World Series. For the other teams wild card races be damned the last two months of the season are a slog, and attractive only to the die hards who know no better than to keep track of batting races, record pursuits, and such. Soccer and baseball results in August are to that room of solitary confinement as tally marks are to the prisoner who sits inside.

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Safety Kyle Dugger can become the first draft pick out of Lenoir Rhyne, a Division II school in North Carolina, since 2000. And offensive lineman Ben Bartch is trying to be the first draft pick out of St. John a Division III school in Minnesota, since the Vikings took Kurt Wachtler in the 15th round in 1974..

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