These Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina) in the Morro Bay

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I'm sure I missed the subtle signs of a wound infection. Maybe I missed a lab value that was amiss because my brain really wasn't fully focused and my emotions were just a wreck [after that serious near miss]. I was ready to quit. Teighlor McGee, a 22 year old who has been gathering personal protective equipment and sending medics to help protesters in Minneapolis, says that racial justice groups often don think about disabled people when holding demonstrations or advocating for change. Lot of people don see disabled people as people, she says. Can picture disabled people facing police brutality and violence because they can picture disabled people going places.

Brandon chuckled sweetly. I ultimately felt my body relax and my mind focus on him instead of the nightmare and anxiety.swear if you tell Charlie or Torey about this, I kill you. They wouldn stop making fun of me.gonna make an exception this time and I won tell them.

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