“Rapids form when fast moving water hits slow moving

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It is now well established that the coronavirus disease (Covid 19) affects the elderly the most. The highest rate of mortality due to the virus is among the people older than 60 only incremental with age. More than the age, the unusual death rate is due to the medical conditions associated with age.

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Le rput designer qubcois Denis Gagnon s'est mis lui aussi la fabrication de masques. Les siens ont un style d'enfer: ils sont orns ici de paillettes, l de velours. Un ingnieux systme d'ajustement derrire les oreilles, ainsi qu'un ajustement au niveau du nez avec barre de fer, permet un maximum de confort.

If everybody signs them, we might get somewhere. This is off topic Rob, but another concern is the healthcare bill that has been approved in the US. I'm concerned about rationing and the death panel. The dolls run about $65, which is less than American Girls or the Gotz Kids N Kats, Happy Kids or other popular dolls. I paid more for used American Girl and Gotz Prescious Day dolls. From the photos and thefact they have rooted hair, I put the My Pal dolls in the same quality category as Madame Alexander or the Gotz Pottery Barn dolls.

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