And I don’t want to be the guy who’s like

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16th March 2012Quote: "I've been working on this movie for five years. And I don't want to be the guy who's like, 'My movie's good', but it's awesome! It's so good. It's the douchiest thing to say, but so many movies suck and you have to go on TV and promote and lie and say it's good, but, like, this one is actually awesome." Jonah Hill is a big fan of his new movie 21 Jump Street.

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Then ask if anybody else has something that is bothering them that they would like changed. This may lead to some useful conversation, or may not, but at least you will get to speak your mind. If they don take any notice of this, then put up a sign saying Private Do Not Enter and they may get the message.

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I was able to get copies of earlier drafts from various people I worked with and researchers who had been helping me. It wasn total reconstruction of the 13 chapters, so I had to revise them and just kept moving on. Example was before the Tea Fire when she had sent some chapters to a colleague to be reviewed.

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