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And they have had friends over. My daughter gets really upset when I don let her go over and play and asks why she is the only one not allowed on play dates. I don know what to say that doesn seem critical of the other mum. And Montoursville combined for 106 points, 902 yards and 46 first downs. Batkowski, Thomas and Jarred Torres all topped 100 rushing yards. Strassner, Cerney and Shea all had 10 tackles.

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"You feel like a family, and you really embrace these guys, they embrace us," Testwuide said. "A lot of people think it's super weird and we're outsiders and we don't have any connection, but we're super connected to these guys. We've sacrificed a lot, they've sacrificed a lot and we've formed a common bond and we wear the Team Korea jerseys.".

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